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Peggy Church in The Pig Keeper’s Daughter (1972) (USA)

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Moonbeam, the curvaceous pig keeper's daughter, still waits for her Prince Charming, instead, she will have to make do with a travelling salesman of perfumes and lingerie.

Carmen Salinas in El sexo sentido (1981) (Mexico)

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One insanely ludicrous sex-comedy that raised the bar substantially in its usage of non-PC humor in an era already known for its outlandishness and excess! In "El sexo sentido" from 1981 (which roughly translated mean...

Katie Gold in The Au Pair (2005) (USA)

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Sometimes you have to turn your life upside down in order to set it right. That's something Harold and his family found out first hand when they hired Simone, an alluring and mysterious AU PAIR to help out around the ...

Monica Bellucci rape scene from Irreversible (2002) (France)

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Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in the underpass.

Young Sister In Law 3 – All Sex (2017) (Korea)

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A young wife heads to her husband's office where the unexpected ensues.

Softcore Porn – Danish Pastries (1973) (Denmark)

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The impending approach of Venus - known to cause "disturbing erotic behavior" - sends two men with very different missions to the town of Petit-Bois. One to save the schoolgirls from lust, the other to test a new aphr...

Elizabeth Kaitan in Petticoat Planet (1996) (USA)

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A man crash lands on a Western themed planet inhabited by beautiful women.

Linda Speciale in Screwballs (1983) (USA)

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Frolicking youth comedy about zany high school students set in the 1960s.

Softcore Porn Movie Bragas Calientes (1983) (Spain)

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A group of boys and girls who are having fun in a discotheque are invited to a villa where some crazy people make them spend a very bad time.

Gloria Guida in Quella età maliziosa (1975) (Italy)

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Gardener Nino Castellano takes a job in a southern-Italian villa and quickly finds himself embroiled in a menage-a-trois with Gloria Guida and Anita Sanders which soon leads to sex, death and mayhem!

Bárbara Rey in Malizia Erotica (1979) (Spain)

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Verónica (Barbara Rey) and her friend (Laura Gemser) are two very sexy bisexual nurses who live upstairs from a rather boring couple and their teenage soon. In a science class at school he learns how to build a perisc...

Mónica Del Carmen in Año bisiesto (2010) (Mexico)

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Laura's personal life consists of one affair after another. She meets Arturo, and the pair enter into an intense, violent sexual relationship. As days go by, Laura crosses out the days on a calendar, revealing her sec...

Anna Raadsveld in LelleBelle (2010) (Netherlands)

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19-year old Belle practices playing the violin diligently, but is unable to impart her music with a sensitive undertone. Her life changes when she discovers that sexual desire stimulates passion in her music.

Full Softcore Movie Lemon Popsicle (1981) (Israel)

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Momo and Yudale take turns mounting Bentzi's foreign buxom cousin, but Yudale and her get stuck together. Momo raises the bar even further by proving the rumors of an accepting older buxom piano tutor, Fritzi. Bentzi ...

Kira Reed Lorsch in Losing Control (1998) (USA)

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Kim is suffering from writer's block. A chance encounter with a handsome stranger opens her to a world of risky sexual experimentation. However, she becomes worried when he refuses to say anything about himself.

Self Service Girls (1976) (Germany)

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A fast-paced flirt of two lovers trying to build a fair erotic relationship.

Ai no korîda (1976) (Japan)

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A passionate telling of the story of Sada Abe, a woman whose affair with her master led to a sexual obsession which then came to a violent end.

Serena Grandi in La signora della notte (1986) (Italy)

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Angelina is tired of long serious relationships. One day she is brutally raped and she changes dramatically. Suddenly she is getting involved in more and more dangerous relations with unknown men until her behavior le...

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